Smell Quizzes

Smell Quizzes – 10 strips of smells which quiz competitors have to guess

Smell Quizzes are a unique spin on the average quiz making them fun and quirky, guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Currently we have 4 standard smell quizzes and 3 seasonal smell quizzes (Listed on the right)

Smell Quizzes are perfect for family gatherings, social events, pub quizzes and a night in with your friends

These quizzes contain 10 strips of mystery smells concealed in test tubes and an answer sheet for the quiz master, the test tubes should be given to the teams one at a time to give them chance to guess the smell; you can either leave them to totally guess the smell or you can read the smells out in the random order at the bottom of the answer sheet to make the quiz slightly easier

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