Quizzes For Children

Quizzes For Children – Quiz questions and quiz rounds suitable for children and adolescents

Children’s quizzes are perfect for family gatherings, school, weddings, Girl Guides, Scouts and any other social events where there are children

Our children’s quizzes are fun and easy making them perfect children’s entertainment

Children aged 8-15 will enjoy taking part in these children’s quizzes

Examples of Children’s quiz questions:

Junior Handout Quiz 10 – Round 1 – The Environment – What do you know about the environment?, Round 2 – Everything Starts With ‘S’ – 5 pictures to identify with every answer beginning with the letter ‘S’, Round 3 – Tools – Name these 5 tools, Round 4 – We Asked 100 People – 2 Family Fortunes style questions  – Name the top 5 answers in each and Round 5 – How Many?- 10 questions, what number is the answer?

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