Picture Quizzes

Picture Quizzes – Our picture quizzes are devised for use in a pub quiz either as a handout round or as a standalone handout quiz.

They are also ideal for use in a hotel, house party, office quiz or school quiz night – maybe as a fundraiser.

Our picture quiz rounds are fully licenced for use in a pub quiz.


Each quiz contains 20 full colour pictures and we have loads of different types of picture quiz round for a pub quiz;

Faces Picture Quizzes – Including – Place The Face, Celebrities When They Were Young, American Presidents and Faces of the 1970s

TV and Films Picture Quizzes – Including – Disney Films Picture Quiz, Strictly Come Dancing Picture Quiz, Superheroes and Villains Picture Quiz and Classic Hollywood Stars Picture Quiz

Teaser Picture Quizzes – Including – Cryptic Picture Quiz Rounds, Dingbats, Rebus Puzzles and Mystery Objects Picture Quiz Rounds

Sport Picture Quizzes – Including – Football Managers Picture Quiz, Formula One Picture Quiz, Sporting Captains Picture Quiz and Heavy-Weight Champions Picture Quiz

General Knowledge Quizzes – Including – Chocolate Wrappers Picture Quiz, Company Mascots Picture Quiz, Tourist Attractions Picture Quiz and Children’s Books Picture Quiz