Handout Quizzes

Handout Quizzes – Quiz questions designed to be passed out and completed by the competitors

Handout Quizzes are ideal if you don’t want the hassle of reading out questions, they’re easy to understand and distribute to your assorted teams

These quizzes are perfect for pubs, restaurants, hotels, parties and social gatherings or events

Examples of our handout quiz questions:

Conundrums handout quiz – In this quiz we give you 25 nine-letter “Conundrums” or anagrams to solve, similar to the last round of TV’s Countdown

Cryptic Football Teams Handout Quiz – This is a handout quiz suitable for a ‘thinking’ crowd. Also ideal for a Sports Quiz. We give you a verbose definition from which you need to work out the football team; e.g. – “Very dark large puddle” – Blackpool

Handout Quiz 110 – Mixed Bag, Mystery Objects, Name The Andrew, We Asked 100 People – A Family Fortunes Style Quiz, Top 10 – Britain’s Got Talent 2009

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